Implant and Cosmetic Solutions

Implant and Cosmetic Solutions

Price List


General Check-upFREE
Endodontical Check up$50
Periodontal Check up includes periapical x-rays and deep cleaning$200
Panoramic x-ray$40
CT Dental - Scan Full$250
CT Dental - Arch$150
CT Dental - Partial$80

Oral Rehabilitation

Dental Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal (Nickel-Chrome)$250
Porcelain Fused to Metal (Semiprecious)$350
All Metal (High Noble)$400
Full Porcelain Feldespatic$250
Full Porcelain Emax$350

Dental Bridges

(The bridge unit will have the same price as a crown of the same material)


Cobalt Chrome
(This is metallic frame with acrylic gum and high aesthetics composite teeth.)


Composite Ivoclar fillings$40

Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Placement Surgery

We offer to performed the surgery the placement of Zimmer, ImplantDirect, 3i, Intralock, MIS brands. We recommend you ImplantDirect(R), Zimmer(R) or Biomet 3i(R).

Implant Direct$550

Crown On Implant

(includes 2nd Stage Surgery and Abutment and high noble crown or zirconium)
This crown will be made in semiprecious or high noble or zirconium.

Boone Graft$350
Sinus Lift$1000

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment is not painful and it can be performed with Nitrous Oxide sedation or IV sedation for a extra charge of $200 USD
This treatment will be performed in 1 appointment for our specialist.

Root Canal$300
Apicectomy Surgery w/o bone graft$350

Periodontal Surgery

Scaling and polish open field by every six teeth (periodontal surgery with flap)$200
Access and Visibility Surgery (exploring surgery)$200
Periodontal Abscess$50
Radicular amputation$300
Guided Regeneration with particulated bone for vertical defects with scaling and polish$400
Guided tissue regeneration$400
Block Graft$500 - 2000
Bone Recontouring$100
Soft tissue recontouring (gingivoplastic surgery)$100
Soft tissue grafting$400
Bone Graft$350
Radicular covering$200
Soft tissue surgery$158 - 210
Crown lenghtening$100

Oral Surgery

Third Molar Surgery$100
Surgical Extraction$70
ExtractionFree with your treatment
Sinus Lift$1500
Bone Grafts$350 - 2000